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2011-04-27 13:26:14 by FlukeDude

At last, a collaboration between myself and Dim of TheSuperFlashBros, is out - Sci-Fighters!

I think this is the last game you'll be seeing from me for a long while... But while you're here, you may as well check out my other game, The Impossible Game. ;)


The Impossible Game

2010-11-29 18:02:13 by FlukeDude

Just to let you guys know, The Impossible Game is now out on two new mobile platforms - Google Android and Windows Phone 7!

It's also had brand new levels released on iPhone and Xbox 360. How far can you get?

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If you would, please visit this page! :)

Want to beta test the new Android version of The Impossible Game?

Madness Combat coming to Xbox 360

2010-09-22 11:25:27 by FlukeDude

As it's Madness Day, Krinkels and I have decided to announce something we've been developing - a Madness Combat game for Xbox 360!

Planned to be released on Xbox Live Indie Games, you can check out the website at

In other news I've just changed my account name from souled to FlukeDude!

Madness Combat coming to Xbox 360

You may remember I made an Xbox 360 game called The Impossible Game, well it's now on iPhone!

You can play the Lite version here on Newgrounds. Check it out on the App Store too.

Make sure you check out the new website!

And follow me on Twitter!

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I'm on Twitter!

2010-02-08 15:05:38 by FlukeDude

Yup, I'll actually try and update it now.

In other news, making a VERY exciting game on a series that's very popular on Newgrounds. Have fun speculating. :)

I Made an Xbox 360 Game! Out Now!

2009-11-23 17:32:06 by FlukeDude

The Impossible Game

Check it out on Xbox Live Marketplace. Available through Xbox Live Indie games! In fact if you switch on your Xbox 360, go to Games Marketplace, go to Indie Games, then New Arrivals, it should be there! :D

In other news, I'm making a pretty awesome circus game and the game previewed in the previous post (which will be a Flash and Xbox game). :)

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I left. You said I would be back. Well you're right... sort of.

Now exams are over and I have a HUGE summer holiday I've got lots of spare time, and I just couldn't resist making a game. But not a flash game - an Xbox 360 game. Though because I am very new to it I'm making the game in Flash first (which I'm much better at), and that game will be released as a more basic flash version, creating publicity for the game on the Xbox when I release them both together.

So you were sort of right. :P

Here's a sneak preview of the game (graphics not done yet btw):

I'M BACK! You were right... sort of.

I'm Retiring From Flash...

2008-10-07 13:24:14 by FlukeDude

It's been two years. Two sweet, painful years of learning and working hard to produce quite a large number of games and animations. It's been fun, but I think it's a good time to stop - it takes up a lot of time and I have exams soon. Flash has been my longest hobby yet, and I've throughly enjoyed it.

I've finally submitted Gravity Grid, a game I'm really proud of and has scored relatively high. I'll continue to update the website, share some more of my knowledge, but I'm no longer making any games or animations (except for the portal collab which is to be released very soon). I'm sorry about One Man Band, development has stopped (it didn't get very far), thank you to the artists that sent their tracks though.

I'd like to thank everyone at the Flash forum for their support whenever I came across a problem I couldn't solve, and the great tutorials there. I've talked to hundreds of great people I'll never know in real life there, it's bizarre. Also thank you to everyone who has watched and played my flash submissions, it's undescribable seeing thousands of views. Who knows, maybe I'll come back sometime...

Thank you.

Gravity Grid is OUT!

2008-08-27 08:58:05 by FlukeDude